About Rugsite

Rugsite as a family business has been trading online since 2009, but our roots go a long way further back than that. It was back in 1972 that we started the family business of selling rugs on market stalls across the north of England. Since then we have changed with the trends of retailing but we have kept to the ethos of friendly customer service, even though we may not deal with you face to face anymore.

At Rugsite, we have two passions: our first passion is quality. We design and choose handmade rugs that are directly sourced from a fair trade company in India, and because we deal direct we are able to keep costs down and also ensure that there is no child labour in any of our products. The second passion is to be as environmentally responsible as possible. We only sell rugs on our site that are made in natural fibres such as seagrass, jute, cotton and wool, which are all ultimately biodegradable. We also recycle our packaging as much as we can which reduces our carbon footprint. You could say our rugs do not cost the earth.